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Protective Styles

‚ÄčWhile having a protective style, many mistakes are made in maintaining them.                             Questions that need answering before you embark on a protective style may include: 


1.  What am I protecting my hair from?  When I think of servicing my clients I can answer this one of the top of my head.  Although many people are equipped to handle simple things concerning maintenance many don't have the skills needed to complete this task.  Willingness to shampoo/condition often can be overwhelming for some.  So protection may mean from yourself easily.  A protective style can keep busy hands from sabotaging what progress you've made in hair growth.  As you use a protective style remember it's a rest period from yourself.

2.  How long should I preserve this protection?  Wearing a protective style should always include daily maintenance.  You can wear head protective material at night or during your home stay in order to alleviate any harsh elements that may disturb your rest period.  The epidermis should always be cleaned so there's no build up.  You should always provide moisture to the protective style in order to maintain balance to the surface of the cuticle and epidermis.  Once new growth is present an allowance of 6 - 8 wks should be the limit.

3.  Would a professional be better suited to handle this?  A professional should always be used in order to assess the condition of your hair before a protective style is used.  You may need ends trimmed or some intensive repair that requires a treatment used at a salon.  Sometimes you may not know which treatment your tresses need.  Many cause and effects can be used to choose which style best suits your proctective needs.  Sure its easier to have sissy or girlfriend friend to get the job done but will you be increasing your chances of better hair growth or setting yourself back!  

4.  What out of pocket cost should I allow for my protection?  Many professional do there pricing by the hour or a set rate.  Be sure to ask for any upfront deposits and cancellation fees to alleviate any confusion when scheduling.  Braids, twist or locs can have many benefits to preserving your tresses.  Make a effort to research the protective style finding pros and cons and allow time to save for that event.  Planning will make you more relaxed about paying for something that's more like a investment.